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The Best of Medicine: Osteopathic, Functional and Restorative

Notice to our present and new patients: We have recently relocated from our office in Macon to a new office in Warner Robins at 506 Osigian Boulevard Suite 4. Our map information has been updated on the office information page. First day of business at our new location will be March 10, 2010.

Welcome to our practice. Our focus is serving you in a timely and efficient manner with the best skills and knowledge we can develop. We will integrate the best of traditional medicine with the best of preventative, nutritional, herbal and alternative medicines. We want to provide you with the opportunity to avoid illness as well as treat illness if it occurs.

We are not a high volume practice.

We are dedicated to our patients and try to give each the time they need to address their problems. When you leave we want you to feel that we have really listened to your concerns and addressed them to the best of our ability in a kind and understanding manner.

If you have concerns about your visit, please do not hesitate to speak. We are here to serve you.

-Dr. E Glynn Taunton